Welcome to Mining Your Sales Data for Gold presented by the Vx Group, a discussion on how you can mine your Sales Data for the gold we all seek – ideal customers.

A little background about this. A few months ago, we recorded a pilot episode of our podcast, Problems Worth Solving, and we talked a little about the need to create an Ideal Customer Profile.

Listening to the finished podcast, we realized that while listeners would walk away knowing what an Ideal Customer Profile is, we didn’t exactly provide an easy, concise way for businesses to develop one. Hence the reason why we created this webinar.

Leading the discussion is Eric Zoromski, President of the VX group, a 20-year Sales and Marketing veteran, business owner and pilot of small, not so fast airplanes. He started the Vx Group a couple of years ago to help support his true passion for helping businesses grow.

To help you dig for gold, we’ve created an Ideal Customer Profile Worksheet and a Customer Value Calculator, you can download below:

Download ICP Worksheet


Download Customer Value Calculator