It’s hard to believe that this actually happens, but some companies make it hard for customers to buy its products. Strange, right? Well, it does happen and it has to stop! If your company is doing and of these things, knock it off!

  1. Contact forms that go to nowhere. Someone is contacting you about a product, and you need to email them back. Clarification – a real person from your organization has to email them back, the automatic form submit email doesn’t count.
  2. Complex pricing plans. No one wants to do math, especially advanced math, but now we have to figure out how many users are going to be on the license, using which apps, in which countries, and then there’s a maintenance-fee maintenance fee? Keep it simple – you’ll sell more and make people happier.
  3. Put your &#@$%! phone number on your &#@$%! website!!! On the header, or footer, of every &#@$%! page! And if you have a physical location – include the address and hours.
  4. Have someone answer the phone. This isn’t always possible – some businesses are small and they don’t have the staffing budget to man a phone 24 hours a day. But if its during business hours, someone has to answer the phone. And if it’s after hours, someone has to return the call the next day. And clean out your voicemail box! The message “the voicemail box of the person your are trying to contact is full,” might as well say “thanks for calling, say hello to our competitors for us!”