Marketing your business has never been more complicated. Traditional avenues – television, radio, trade shows and print – are still in play, but so are new ones like the web, streaming video, social media and more.


Digital Marketing Manager

You hear terms like search engine optimization, social media strategy, content management systems, video pre-roll, site analytics, paid search & display advertising, and email marketing platforms, and your head starts to spin.

You know you need someone to manage your marketing efforts, and your first instinct is to hire a marketing manager. However, unlike other positions, just hiring a marketing manager isn’t going to fix all of your problems.

First, there are decent marketing managers (inexperienced and on the low end of the pay scale), good marketing managers (some experience, mid paygrade) and great marketing managers (excellent leadership skills and expensive). But hiring a marketing manager is only the beginning of your financial commitment to marketing your company.

The second investment you are going to make is providing the financial resources they need to succeed – build and optimize your website; have marketing materials designed, printed and distributed; create and implement social media ad campaigns and so on.

The simple truth is that most small to mid-sized companies hire a marketing manager and think that’s the end of it. But you need to not only provide a decent salary and benefits package, you also need to budget at least 200% more for marketing spending or your new marketing manager won’t be successful.

For a small to mid-sized business, like yours, that might be more than you’d like to invest. Thankfully, the Vx Group offers an alternative that gives you a marketing team that can address all of your marketing needs more effectively.