The Vx Group Exists to Drive Top Line Revenue Growth for Our Clients.

We focus on four critical areas that directly impact your ability to grow:

We Exist to Drive Top Line Revenue Growth for Our Clients.

We focus on four critical areas that directly impact your ability to grow:

Define, find & acquire new, ideal customers who are the perfect fit for your business.

Design and build a high-performance sales team that delivers long-term growth.

Fine tune your sales processes, operations and CRM for high-velocity growth.

Grow revenue through dealers, distributors, reps, retail and e-commerce.

New Customer Acquisition

How many high value new customers did you bring into your business last year? Our New Customer Acquisition programs are all about finding, targeting and retaining new high value, ideal customers. Through a mix of inbound and outbound programs, we generate interest and demand for your products and continually open doors to big new opportunities. We become part of your sales team, find the right prospects and get the conversation started.


Quick Hits

  • Find targets that meet your ideal customer profile.

  • Outsource your sales outreach and door opening.

  • Build a consistent flow of high value opportunities.

Sales Team Performance

Do you feel like your sales team could (should) be doing better? The reality is, selling today is more complex than ever. It requires a team-based approach to find customers, engage them over a long sales cycle, develop solutions, determine pricing, present the solution and win the business. We often expect our salespeople to cover all the bases but many times we’re setting them up for failure. Our Sales Team Performance programs build the right process, the right structure and the right team to deliver on your goals.


Quick Hits

  • Sales team structure, role definitions and goals for Business Development and Account Management.

  • Sales team compensation and performance-based incentive design.

  • Sales team leadership, training and coaching.

  • Sales & Specialized Recruiting

Sales Operations

How many times have you found yourself digging through an M: drive trying to find valuable sales data? The Vx Group Sales Operations programs enable you to get a pulse on sales, see how leads and customers are managed in your organization, how they’re routed and qualified, and whether or not they are pursued properly. A successful sales operations effort provides you with the business intelligence you need to grow your business.


Quick Hits

  • CRM leadership and implementation.

  • Day-to-day sales enablement and team accountability management.

  • Sales cycle definition, funnel design and sales process automation.

Sales Channel Development

Are you struggling to find the right mix of direct, dealer, distribution, rep network and e-commerce sales to deliver the growth you want? Our Sales Channel Development programs unlock the potential within your markets and uncover new revenue streams. A clear channel strategy coupled with actively managed dealers, distributors, reps, retailers and e-commerce efforts is guaranteed to drive profitable growth.


Quick Hits

  • Dealer / distributor program development.

  • OEM direct selling.

  • E-commerce implementation and ongoing management.

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