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When Companies Grow, Good Things Happen.

The Vx Group is a sales modernization company that exists solely to grow top line revenue for our customers.

What is Sales Modernization?

Sales Modernization Programs

We don’t really like the label of sales consultancy because traditional consultants often just talk about strategies without executing a plan. At the Vx Group, we accelerate growth through effective leadership of integrated sales & marketing programs and a hands-on get $%^@ done approach.

New Customer Acquisition

Define, locate and acquire customers who are ideal for your business.

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Sales Team Performance

Design a high-performing sales team built for long-term growth.

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Sales Channel Development

Determine the right mix of direct and indirect sales to drive revenue.

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Sales Operations

Implement technology and processes to maintain a healthy pipeline.

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New Sales Modernization Articles

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Featured Program

Sales Recruiting

The Vx Group Sales Recruiting Program deploys a mix of inbound and outbound tactics to deliver a deeper pool of qualified candidates. Our recruitment team has decades of leadership experience hiring, managing and growing the specific sales roles you need.

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  • Develop an Ideal Employee Profile

  • Job description development/optimization

  • Inbound/outbound candidate generation

  • Candidate pre-screening, qualifying, review

  • Optional phone screening, interview services, proactive candidate search, hiring and onboarding services