Podcast: Why an Ideal Customer Profile is Important

Welcome to the pilot episode of our first podcast: Problems Worth Solving.

In this episode, we discuss how to develop an Ideal Customer Profile and use it to identify new customers. Here’s a sample of what you’ll hear:

When you think about it, there are two kinds of customers, those who buy from you and those who grow with you. Today we’re talking about the latter, specifically how you identify these idea customers, attract them and nurture them.

Eric L: So today we’re talking about ideal customer profiles. The common myth is that anybody who has a check that will clear is a good customer but, Eric, as you’ve discovered, this isn’t always the case. What makes an ideal customer?

Eric Z: I think it’s true that a lot of people do believe that any customer is a good customer, but when you look at your customer base and you start to segment it out, you can see which ones are really the ones that are driving your business and which ones are maybe holding your business back or making you invest in resources that you might not otherwise need, if you are really focused on servicing the customers that have the biggest impact on your business.


What is Problems Worth Solving?

There are tons of business and sales-focused podcasts, but most are tailored to two audiences: Startups and Larger Corporations. However, there are thousands of businesses in between those two: long-standing, mid-level companies that struggle to get recognized in the sea of highly publicized, well-funded major conglomerates and startups. These mid-level companies lack the access to clear and concise answers to their problems and don’t have resources to develop and execute ideas that will allow their business to thrive.

Each episode, Problems Worth Solving will address one issue these companies are facing, discussed in detail with a Vx Group professional who will provide insight on the root of the issue and ways to overcome and prosper.


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