Google Analytics and you

We live in the future! With the advent of Google Analytics, you can produce a report detailing where your web traffic is coming from, what people are looking at on your site and more! Lots more! Almost too much. “Google Analytics can be really intimidating,” said Julie Booher, the Vx Group Integrated Marketing Manager who has been deciphering Google Analytics Reports for nearly a decade. “I’ve seen people get completely overwhelmed with the amount of data Google Analytics provides, but you just [...]

The revolution will be webcast!

It’s September already! Before we know it, 2017 will be here. So, let’s prepare with 10 video marketing trends to look out for in 2017 Video marketing is a fast moving industry. To stay a…

Too good to be true? It’s probably a scam!

Everyone loves getting a new lead through their website - but you've got to be careful who you trust. We have learned of a new shipping company scam that’s hitting b2b companies – a scam involving fake foreign companies, phony shippers and increasingly tech savvy swindlers. Here’s how the latest one works: A company receives an unsolicited order for shipment to a foreign address The order is placed using a recently stolen credit card number, so when the payment goes through everything seems [...]

10 B2B Brands That Are Killing It on Social Media

Here are 10 examples of large B2B companies that are increasing their brand's awareness by cleverly leveraging social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram., Social Media Smarts,B2B, Social Media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,...

BizTimes: ER Wagner Investing in Equipment & People to Fuel Growth

ER Wagner Manufacturing Co. Inc. was established in 1900 after ER Wagner wrote a letter to A.O. Smith in 1899 offering to purchase the baby carriage business from him. Today, 115 years later, ER Wagner is undergoing what president and chief executive officer Lew Schildkraut calls the “ER Wagner Renaissance.”