The Pets of the Vx Group

Every member of the Vx Group team has a pet or two waiting for them at home. We thought it would be fun to introduce you to some of them. Daisy & Rigby Owned by: Eric LaRose Breed: Bichon Frise Fun facts: While they look a lot alike, and are around the same age, Daisy and Rigby are not related. Rigby came from a breeder in Western Wisconsin while Daisy is a rescue. Kahlua, Carter & Emmitt Owned by: Dannie Kurz Breed: [...]

Vx Group is going to the dogs

It was a cold early-December morning when Vx Group President Eric Zoromski hopped in the pilot’s seat of a plane headed to Rensselaer, IN. His mission: transport a mother dog and her eight pups to their new home in Wisconsin. It was all part of Pilots N Paws, a non-profit organization that matches volunteer pilots and plane owners with rescue dogs in need of transport. “We are all dog lovers at the Vx Group and this is such an important cause for [...]

Vx Group Through the Years: 2011-2016

Five years ago, Eric Zoromski started the Vx Group with one simple goal — to make companies grow. He started with a simple concept borrowed from the aviation world - "Vx," or a pilot's maximum angle of climb. Flying at Vx gets the plane as high it can as fast as it can, and altitude equals safety. The Vx Group adopted the term to illustrate how our efforts would lead to maximum sales growth for our clients. For the first year we worked with a small group [...]