Download growth calculatorWe want 2018 to be a great year for you and your company, and to support that the Vx Group has developed a free tool you can use to determine how many new customers you need to acquire over the next year to meet your company growth goals.

Here’s how it works:

    1. Download the calculator and launch it (you’ll need Microsoft Excel)
    2. Under Company Information, add your company name and dates. Try to keep your growth goals to a year (Jan. 1-Dec. 31)
    3. Input Revenue and Sales Variables. You’ll need to determine the percentage of revenue you hope to get from customers who are an ideal fit for your business, sales opportunity wins and how much revenue you realize from new customers during the allotted time period. Revenue realized after the end date should not be included.
    4. Under existing customers, provide percentages and revenue forecasts for customers you already have.
    5. For Revenue Goals, input the revenue you hope to end the time period with and any projected new business you already have in the pipeline.

Once those values have been added, the calculator will outline your new business gap, new customers needed to reach your goal, estimated revenue needed per customer and how many proposals you’ll need to send out to attract the proper number of ideal customers.

Of course, this is just an estimate, but when it comes to planning out your year an estimate is always better than hopes or guesses.

You have the potential to kick some major butt in 2018, and this calculator will help you get off to a great start!

Download the Calculator Below