Stop making it hard for customers to buy your product!

It’s hard to believe that this actually happens, but some companies make it hard for customers to buy its products. Strange, right? Well, it does happen and it has to stop! If your company is doing and of these things, knock it off! Contact forms that go to nowhere. Someone is contacting you about a product, and you need to email them back. Clarification – a real person from your organization has to email them back, the automatic form submit email doesn’t [...]

Do you really have a sales team?

A lot of companies have a sales organization, but what they really have is an account management organization – spending most of its time managing existing accounts instead of hunting down new leads. How do you know if your company has a sales team or not? Look back at the last 12-24 months calculate your customer base diversity ratio. Sales made to new customers --------------------------------------------        =    Customer base diversity ratio Sales made to existing customers Your customer base diversity ratio should be [...]