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Sales Modernization

Innovative techniques, tools and strategies to reach more ideal customers and sell more product.

Shuffling through the Rolodex. Making cold calls. Telling dirty jokes over drinks with a potential client. These are all techniques that used to work in sales.
Used to work.

As the song says, The Times They Are A-Changin’, and while many salespeople realize this they are unprepared, or don’t have the company support, to modernize their sales efforts.

Problems Worth Solving

One of the reasons selling techniques have changed is the desire for measurable results. Older selling strategies really had only one – the sale, and everything leading up to it was just warming them up.

We now know that each “touch” should be tracked, analyzed and optimized for future efforts to make your team more adaptable, efficient and effective.

Where companies struggle is with how those activities are tracked. Many leave it up to the individual sellers, which in an of itself is a problem. This information is gold, and proper tracking and analysis will lead to building better selling strategies and more consistent sales growth.

The Vx Group Solution

We start by implementing and installing a Customer Relationship Management tool and training your sales team on how to effectively use it. With that in place, we work with you to develop strategies and techniques to optimize your individual sales needs with the goal of long-term growth.

This includes:

  • Sales compensation design
  • Sales team management
  • Sales enablement staff (CoPilot)
  • Dealer development
  • Dealer outreach, training & communications
  • Integrated marketing training
  • Sales team coaching
  • Customer Relationship Management software implementation & training

Sales Modernization Areas of Focus

New Customer Acquisition

Defining, locating and acquiring new customers who are the best fit for your business. Learn more »

Sales Channel Development

Definition of ideal markets, channels and the right mix of direct and indirect sales to drive revenue. Learn more »

Sales Team Performance

Recruitment and management of a collaborative, multi-generational sales team that is accountable for consistent results. Learn more »

Sales Operations

Implementation of sales technology like CRM and creating new habits and processes to maintain sales effectiveness. Learn more »

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New Customer Acquisition

Featured Program


ActiveOutreach is our new customer acquisition program that delivers high value, vetted opportunities right to your sales team. This isn’t just sales outsourcing — we become an integral part of your sales team that is solely focused new business development.

  • Define and locate your ideal customers

  • Develop priority target list

  • Engage prospects with direct mail door opener campaigns

  • Uncover opportunities through direct outreach and relationship selling

  • Turn opportunities into business