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Selling in the USA

For international companies seeking to grow in the Americas, a unique set of challenges must be considered.

Are you an international business introducing a new product or service to the United States? Are you struggling to new customers in the U.S. marketplace? Are techniques that worked back in your home territory not working here?

For international companies, expanding in to the Americas poses a unique set of challenges. Besides potential language barriers, there could be differences in selling and marketing strategies, product distribution, hiring workforce and sales personnel, materials sourcing, and more.

We’ll help you see the full picture. From setting up an effective North American office, to approaches to selling in the U.S., defining sales and production goals, improving strategic communication with parent companies and distributors, and understanding this new marketplace, we’ll set you on a course for growth.

It starts with developing a specific, measurable go to market strategy based on an understanding of your sales goals. When the plan is complete, we use our research skills to develop prioritized channel and prospect lists. And then it’s time to sell. We tap our sales, marketing and communication skills to recruit, nurture and grow new dealers, new distributors and new customers for your business.

Fresh Perspective for Optimizing U.S. Sales

  • Dealer development
  • OEM / Online / Direct selling
  • E-commerce & digital selling
  • Customer outreach campaigns
  • Distributor & dealer sales tools
  • Dealer outreach, training & communications
  • Distributor program development & training
  • Digital sales platforms & integrated CRM

Frequently Answered Questions

Should I sell direct?2018-05-01T13:05:26-05:00

Yes. Well, no. Actually, maybe. Direct sales make perfect sense for some B2B companies, but not for others. We’ll work with you to determine direct sale opportunities, create sales and marketing strategies, and find the right balance of sales through dealers, distributors reps and online for your business.

How do I manage and grow my dealer network?2018-05-01T13:06:05-05:00

The first step is identifying who those dealers are, then it’s time to get your company noticed. That’s the difficult, and fun part. Ready to get started?

How do I get dealers and reps to focus on selling MY products?2018-05-01T13:06:10-05:00

You know you have great products, but do your dealers know that? Signing a dealer agreement is only the first step, if you want reps to push your product they have to know about it, understand it, and see its value. That’s where we come in.

I’ve invested in new product development. Why aren’t my new products selling?2018-05-01T13:06:15-05:00

Developing a product is one thing, selling it is another. Sales and marketing strategies are just as important as developing a quality product, possibly more. The best time to get started is now.

My customers say I need someone local. How do I make that happen?2018-05-01T13:06:20-05:00

There’s two answers to this: 1. Hire someone local. 2. Explain why they don’t. Either way, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it. We can help.

How do I expand my sales and service reach?2018-05-01T13:06:25-05:00

Branching out into new territory takes time, personnel and money, but before you begin you need a well-researched strategic plan. That’s were we come in.

Why am I paying a rep to just take orders?2018-05-01T13:06:31-05:00

If that’s all they’re doing, then good question. However, you should really be asking: How can I get my reps to work harder pushing my products and increase sales?

Is ecommerce right for my business?2018-05-01T13:06:37-05:00

In a word, yes. Online selling in B2B or ecommerce, in some form, is a key piece of a modernized sales model. Ready to get started?

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