Sales Team Performance Frequently Answered Questions2018-05-08T15:38:42-05:00

Does your sales team need a boost?

Leadership, drive and directive – these are some of the qualities your sales team needs to be effective. Does your team have them?

Your sales team is the backbone of your company. Ideally, they are the people who seek out new customers, build relationships, sell your products and grow your top-line revenue. Unfortunately, we all expect sales people to do more with less, and in the process we stop them from doing the one thing they’re supposed to do – sell.

Below are some answers to the questions we most frequently hear.

Should I hire an industry veteran? Or someone younger that can be trained?2018-05-01T13:05:07-05:00

Both questions could be answered with, “yes,” but that depends on your long-term business goals, corporate culture, ideal customer base and more important factors. Your search for the right salesperson begins with developing an Ideal Candidate Profile.

Does my sales team have the expertise needed to win a big customer?2018-05-01T13:05:07-05:00

If you’re asking this question, the answer is probably “no.” In our experience, sales leaders start asking this question when they get a gut feeling that something is wrong – stagnant sales, missed opportunities, lost long-term clients are all signs. Now that you know the answer, what are you going to do about it?

Do I need business development salespeople or account managers?2018-05-01T13:05:15-05:00

In most cases, yes. Oh, sorry, that was an ‘or’ question. No, you don’t need business development salespeople or account managers, you need business development salespeople AND account managers. More importantly, your sales staff should not double as your account managers. We’ve worked with companies to define roles, compensation packages and strategies for both.

Am I paying my sales people too much or too little?2018-05-01T13:05:18-05:00

Compensation should be determined by a number of factors including salesperson performance, position expectations, skills required, travel and more. For most people, pay is a motivation. If you have a well defined sales strategy, rewarding sales and new customer acquisition, your sales staff should be motivated to meet or exceed your goals. Unfortunately, many companies haven’t established a realistic strategy, meaning their sales staff is either over motivated to underperform, or they aren’t motivated enough to perform at all. Is your compensation strategy optimized for performance?

I’ve lost faith in my sales leader. What now?2018-05-01T13:06:51-05:00

If you have a panic button, now would be a good time to think about pressing it. You could have the best sales staff in the world, but without great leadership your team could be severely underperforming. If you’re interested in growth, you need great sales leadership, and we can help.

What metrics do I use to evaluate the performance of my sales team?2018-05-01T13:07:29-05:00

Trick question! Your company’s individual sales and growth goals should determine the metrics you should be evaluating your team with. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but there is an answer.

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