Emily Farella

Sales Integration Manager

Emily Farella is all about connection. Whether she’s connecting dots or contacts, Emily excels at bringing people together and ideas to life.

She is creative and analytic, imaginative and detail-centric—a curious amalgam of characteristics that allows her to develop big picture strategies without overlooking the small details. She’s an expert at planning for the long term while also keeping client goals and integrity at the forefront. She’s got a discerning eye for potential, an ear for priorities, and the gumption to get things done.

From Boeing to Burger King, Emily has managed multi-million dollar campaigns for some of the world’s largest brands. Her experience across B2B and B2C organizations gives her a unique understanding of sales cycles and consumer behavior.

In her current role, Emily leads Vx Group’s Customer Acquisition programs and is an expert in helping brands build in the right direction – up.