Community banks have long been under attack by national and international financial conglomerates, but the most recent competition comes from a less tangible source – online financial services like SoFi.

“Confessions of a SoFi Junkie” is a vibrant discussion on why online banking institutions like SoFi have risen in popularity, the sales and marketing techniques they used to connect with millennial customers and lessons you could learn from the rise of these new-age loan businesses.

Recorded on Jan. 25, 2018, this discussion was led by Amy Schultz, Vice President of Vx Group, who has built her career working with sales leadership, commercial finance and human resources institutions, and recently became a SoFi customer.

With Moderator Eric LaRose, lead producer for the Vx Group, Amy talked about her experience with traditional banking institutions, how she became a SoFi customer and provided examples of marketing and communication techniques SoFi is using to inform customers on other services offered by the institution.

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