5 ways to save face after sending an email without its attachment

angry-computerOh No! You just sent out an email with an attachment, but you forgot to attach it. Dang it, you had one thing to do! We’ve all been there, but it’s embarrassing and it makes you feel like a forgetful idiot. But have no fear, there are several ways to recover.

  1. Have a sense of humor about it: Send another email with the attachment with a funny, but informative, subject line like: Attachment actually attached, I’ve returned with your attachment, A case of the Mondays, forgotten attachment edition, etc.
  2. Reply all to your own email with the attachment. Kind of like top one, but it keeps the message together. Plus, you can say something like, hey (your name) you forgot this!
  3. Recall the message, send a new one. This can be a bit tricky and it may not work, but if you have the ability to recall the message before anyone opens it and then resend it with the attachment, go for it. Again, this may not work. We only mention it because if we don’t some tech savvy commenter will point out that some email services have a recall button.
  4. Don’t blame technology! “It must not have attached” is not an appropriate response. You think you look dumb now, wait till you say, “I can’t use the computer to send stuff.” Yeah, even dumber.
  5. The fifth tip is attached.