angry-computerLet’s face it, we live in a fast-paced world. Your mind is constantly going a million miles per hour. As you are writing an email, you are thinking about the next. You need to get that quote over to your client. You hit send on that email…and then. Oh No! You forgot to attach the quote! Dang it, you had one thing to do! We’ve all been there, but it’s embarrassing and it makes you feel like a forgetful idiot. But have no fear, there are several ways to recover.

1. Have a sense of humor about it. Send another email with the attachment with a funny, but informative, subject line like: Attachment actually attached, I’ve returned with your attachment, A case of the Mondays, forgotten attachment edition, etc. It truly does happen to everyone.

2. Reply to your current message. This makes it look like you are just following up on the message and also places the message at the top of the inbox.

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3. Recall the message, send a new one. This can be a bit tricky and it may not work, but if you have the ability to recall the message before anyone opens it and then resend it with the attachment, go for it. You can do this with certain versions of Outlook. See the screenshot below showcasing how to do this in Outlook.

You can also do this with Gmail. You will just need to modify your settings and set a time frame. See the video below on how to do so.

Again, this may not work. Only some versions of Outlook allow for message recalls. Also, in Gmail you must activate the setting before sending.

4. Consider sending links instead of attachments. Sometimes emails don’t get sent because the attachments are too large and other times, when you send something as an attachment it becomes an afterthought. For example, you are typing and you say, “please see attached….” while continuing your email, only attaching the file at the end. This is a sure way to forget to include the attachment. Instead consider sharing the file via a file sharing platform (Dropbox, Google Drive, Engyte, etc). In doing this you can include just the link to the file and insert it while you are typing. Also, with many file sharing platforms, you can upload a revised document to replace the existing document. This means if you are going back and forth with someone on a document, you don’t have to keep attaching it to an email and bogging down email servers.

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5. The fifth tip is attached.