Google Analytics and you

We live in the future! With the advent of Google Analytics, you can produce a report detailing where your web traffic is coming from, what people are looking at on your site and more! Lots more! Almost too much. “Google Analytics can be really intimidating,” said Julie Booher, the Vx Group Integrated Marketing Manager who has been deciphering Google Analytics Reports for nearly a decade. “I’ve seen people get completely overwhelmed with the amount of data Google Analytics provides, but you just [...]

5 reasons why you can’t cut your way to profitability

Here’s the scenario: Your company fell short on sales goals and top-line revenue is way down. Your expenses are greater than your earnings. It’s time for some tough financial decisions, and the most obvious choice is to cut expenses. But is it the right choice? From a financial perspective, making cuts can be a good thing if they part of a long-term growth strategy, but making cuts to achieve short-term profitability is a huge mistake! Here’s why: Random cuts can hamper long-term [...]

Don’t settle for short-term

Focus on the short-term can kill long-term growth Sometimes you must be the bearer of bad news. We are often asked, “what can we do now that will increase our sales this quarter?” Unfortunately, for most businesses, the answer is, “Not much.” Sales cycles are long and getting longer. Successes today are often the result of actions taken 3-9 months ago. And, while short-term solutions sometimes yield results, the success of a short-term push is usually insignificant when compared to the long-term opportunity. [...]

Election 2016: The final test for disruptive marketing

America is waking up to a new President-Elect. For many, the results of the election between businessman Donald J. Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton are shocking, but they are only shocking if you haven’t been paying attention. Sure, the polls had Secretary Clinton winning in several swing states and President-Elect Trump had virtually no newspaper endorsements or support from his own party, but this election wasn’t about politics. It was about marketing, specifically disruptive marketing. What is disruptive marketing? A disruptive company [...]

10 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail

If making a lot of money in sales was easy, then everyone would be doing it. These ten things separate the winners from the losers in sales.